Welcome to Jobs Global

Jobs Global like to heartily have a warm welcome to the all students those who are looking for abroad study. Similarly we also process for the working visa in different countries like as Dubai, Canada, Poland and others Middle east countries with the best counseling. For student we provide services for the countries like as Australia, Japan, Ireland, Malta, Canada, Poland and Denmark. We provide you the best counseling related to your study in present and is of future. The HR Division of out company has both corporate and operational responsibilities covering the development and maintenance of employment policies, procedures and systems and the provision for a range of services to managers and individual members of staff. These services include recruitment, contract formation, study abroad, staff wellbeing and staff development.

Career and Employment Services is dedicated to working with students, and employee with all aspects of career planning and the job search process. Jobs Global is a pioneer in the field of "Abroad Study and Work" and its core activity lies in providing the service to cherish the student's and others those who are interested for working visa with entire career. Our comprehensive counseling actuates the student to choose the right specialization, University, pre-requisition exams and country with respect to his/her career goals and ambitions. We assist the students to secure admission at a top ranked University, which may charge tuition fees for International students. We are strongly committed in guiding each and every student to secure scholarships .

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is available to help you conduct an objective self-assessment, clarify your career goals, investigate your options, make connections, and develop your job or grad school search strategy. Our services are free of charge and available for current students and alumni.

We welcome all international candidates, we would be happy to help you.